This project was recorded mid to late last year after i found out about this guy named suff daddy and was put in touch with his label (mpm) thanks to the homie jon kim. I went back n forth with the label via email for a while then the conversation just kinda stopped. I waffled about releasing it and finally decided that it was too good not to share. The songs are relatively old and they deal with my lows and highs and everything in between. The title comes from just becoming a whole different person over time, sorta like a doppelganger of  yourself. That feeling that you get when you look in the mirror and dont really know the person looking back at you even though they look just like you. Our lives change us incrementally on a daily basis so after a few jarring experiences one day we all lose who we were to become who we are. Thats life right? you change it or it changes you.

due to the short nature of the songs i originally wanted to release it as one long mp3 with instrumental interludes.  You download the 19 min long blended version on soundcloud or just download the seperate songs sans interludes here.

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