DMC, Chuck D, PMD, MC Serch, Terminator X, DJ Eclipse & Big KO – Hellraisers Video

The Big KO produced “Hellraisers” borrows heavily from the Run DMC track “Raising Hell” off of the classic album of the same name. This cut brings together a line up of Hip Hop icons and Rock and Roll hall of fame members. The line up consists of DMC of Run DMC, PMD of EPMD, MC Serch of 3rd Bass, Terminator X and Chuck D of Public Enemy, and DJ Eclipse of Non Phixion. The nostalgia factor is at peak levels but there is a bit of disappointment here. While DMC and Chuck D come off well, even though the engineer mixed Chuck’s mic too hot, and Terminator X and DJ Eclipse get seriously busy with the cuts, PMD sounds disinterested and Serch sounds like he’s rhyming this verse for the first time. To be fair though this rock infused style of music was always DMC and Chuck D’s lane and not where PMD and Serch moved at.


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