DJ Swamp (1996 DMC US Champ) Releases his Latest Album: Vinyl Disciple on Decacent Records

Lured by the call of bass, an atrocious creature crawled to the surface from the deep, it’s hands digging into the mud of the shores as it appeared on the world turntablism scene. In 1996, this creature, wicked and detached from the world it had invaded, took the title of American DMC champion. Fire, blood, and hate feed this monster’s virtuosity as a DJ and Hip Hop artist. Named after the shadowy gloom he crawled out from he is DJ Swamp.

DJ Swamp - Vinyl Disciple

DJ Swamp releases Vinyl Disciple

DJ Swamp has just released his latest album “Vinyl Disciple” through his own label: Decadent Records.

DJ SWAMP started as a competition turntablist taking such esteemed titles as DMC USA in 1996, his first year ever in the national DJ battle. For many years following, SWAMP toured as the DJ for BECK. His acclaim has not ceased. The progression of his artistry has brought him alongside the likes of: Kid Rock, RL Burnside, The Crystal Method, Kool Keith,The Dust Bros, and countless others, all of whom have called on his expertise for work on their studio tracks.  

Now DJ SWAMP explores the other facets of his art, bringing his beat dropping skills to another level. “VINYL DISCIPLE” is a true testament to DJ SWAMP’s skill as a producer, writer, and vocalist.  The album was recorded and mixed in some of the best studios in Los Angeles, including Paramount, Scream, Amerycan, Sonora and The Document Room. 11 music videos have been produced to promote this album 3 of which have been directed by world famous MTV director Steve Hanft (Beck, ICP, Dilinquent Habits). He directed DJ Swamp’s “Rock Rollin'”, “Little Landmine” and “KIller in the Rain”.

DJ Swamp has been paying dues and building his skills in the most purest sense.  Initially inspired by the burgeoning Hip Hop culture sweeping across the nation in the early 80’s, Swamp saw what early pioneers like Jazzy Jeff, DST, Cash Money and DJ Aladdin were doing and became hooked.  Early in his career, Swamp followed a familiar path, playing parties, making mix tapes for friends, rocking mixes on the local college radio shows, and of course manning the decks for a variety of local Hip Hop groups. “I was in about 20 different groups”, reminisces Swamp, “I DJed for was K Chill and his hypeman was Layzie Bone before Bone Thugs in Harmony formed. We opened for X-Clan, Geto Boys, The Real Roxanne and  Chubb Rock and performed at a bunch of other showcases.” To pay the bills, DJ Swamp drove a street sweeper around Cleveland for four years!  

DJ Swamp has graced the pages of: Rolling Stone, Spin, Subculture, Raygun, Mean, DJ Times, Keyboard, Rap Sheet, Mixer, Rap Pages, The LA Times, and Urb.

DJ SWAMP has appeared in the DJ documentary: Scratch as well as Clockstoppers. His song “Disintegrator” was included in the cult classic movie “Orgazmo” (directed by Southpark’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone) as well as the movie soundtrack.  

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DJ Swamp’s  

Vinyl Disciple  

Track Listing 

1. Vinyl Disciple Intro

2. Club Thrashin’

3. Rock Rollin’

4. Aliens Are Coming

5. Little Landmine

6. Feast of Flesh

7. Servant of Evil

8. Pyro

9. History That Never Was

10. Mind Control

11. Plastic Surgery

12. Killer in the Rain

13. B Girls Invasion

14. The Leaders Will Follow


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“Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200’s is like watching a magic show.” — URB  

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