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Kosha Dillz in his spare time loves doing monster dances. Some represent voodoo culture. others represent the Hebrew disco. It’s a collaborative effort amongst himself and multiple rap personalities (which are far into his real life). For inspiration, he got a chance to catch up with legendary DJ Sharkey of Washington DC. These two monsters chopped it up about the C-Rayz walz and Sharkey collaborative effort called monster maker. Mazel tov.

C-Rayz and myself are getting older. We both considered changing our names and the album to something a little more tame, like… Dolphin and Lay-z Walz are Ice Cream Makers. HELL NO! This album is aggressive, dynamic and emotional, none of which are categories on Myspace. Plus we’ve evolved. In my opinion, most artists I’ve really liked over the years have not grown from album to album. Causing me and others to become bored and lose attention. We’ve stayed true to who we are and where we came from. But at the same time, C-Rayz and I continue to grow and evolve. This album is a product of that.

How is working in a band when members are spread out far from each other?

At first I thought it was going to be difficult. But C-Rayz and I were great friends first before we even considered being creative together. So once we finally got together to write and record, we didn’t over think things as much as a typical band. Maybe just because the time wasn’t there to do so.

What is the concept of Monster Maker, for those who don’t know. I’m sure you both have very different definitions?

This world we live in from day to day is the Monster Maker. Everyone deals with stress and relieves that stress in their own way. Many allow stress to build to points that may cause one to act out in a way that’s uncharacteristic of how you or others view ones self. That’s the concept. We are having fun with it though and decided to approach it from a lighthearted angle. Plus, there were one too many emo records last year anyways. 🙂

Being solo artists, do you find that coming together as a collective and touring is more difficult since have been living off music separately?

Nah. It’s like the Legion of Doom. Multiple super powers coming together makes for one stronger entity. Its actually  been lots of fun.  We both have semi-different fan bases so it’s cool to see the worlds come together.

Was there a selection process of any other emcees that were lets say, eligible, for a project like this?

I think everyone has a wish list of people they’d like to work with. I personally believe strongly in the meaning of a true collaboration, which is pretty much lost these days. It’s also just as important to me to have fun while working on a project. So I had been sitting on this concept for a minute and when it was time to make it all happen, it only made sense to do it with C-Rayz because of our relationship and our creative direction we both share.

I heard that members of MTV Films joined you for the first tour. Should we expect any monster maker TV shows?

We have a few things we are kicking around that are under tight wraps. But definitely expect to see Monster Maker on your screen real soon.

Sharkey. Word of your beats have traveled all around the world and inspire people to make their own music. Do you think there is this new genre of Hip Hop that sways away from the old boom bap?

People will continue to get smarter. At that same rate, music will grow with the times. Its really the more narrow minded that continue to choose categories to help decide how they should think. Hip-hop “IS” culture personified. I will continue to be inspired by the era of Boom Bap hip-hop because I love it. But there’s so much more life that’s inspired me as well since then. If people globally appreciate what I’m doing, it’s probably because there are things in my music that a broader scale of people can relate to. Not just neighborhoods in NY or LA.

Being part of this new music wave, does that make way for better tour stories?

Lots of different people in one room every single night makes for lots of different stories. Its beautiful I tell yeah.

What’s the difference between touring old school style with just rappers and with a band incorporated?

Well for one thing, the MC/DJ thing has been tired for a real long time now. So when you show up with something bigger and better, the crowd responds.

Do you think you guys have to know how to dance before you can actually make the crowd dance?

Fuck no! It’s more about moving and feeling it then dancing. Could you imagine seeing 3000 highly trained dancers at The Rock The Bells Festival all dancing in sync? That shit would be hilarious.

For all the die-hard C-Ray Walz fans, will his particular fans get classic treats with a live band, or is this only Monster Maker material on the tour?

Our shows are a party. We have fun with it and touch on a little of everything.

Also, is it possible to get either of your old materials on the road, knowing that its hard to grab you two at the same time as solo artists if it wasn’t for Monster Maker?

Yeah we both have our classics available while on the road.

What’s your affiliation with Wyclef and Matisyahu? We have seen two Grammy artists hanging out in your intro video! Lets hear the inside scoop on that.

We are all friends and there’s mutual respect on both sides. I fill in as Clef’s DJ from time to time on his tours. And C-Rayz travels and records on the regular with Matisyahu.

From a far, it seems like the genius of this group is the different personalities. Will a long road trip be completely Kosha Dillz, or will you end up becoming real live monsters?

C-Rayz and I are Monsters and have been from the jump. We are so similar its sick! The only funny thing about us is how polar opposite we look. And it’s borderline comical I must say.

Any 5 great words you can put together to convince someone to add to your SoundScan collection?

I really like you Kosha, that’s why I’m going to kill you last!

::: DRUMBUMS GLOBAL ::: Clothing.Music.Culture

::: Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz are MONSTER MAKER ::: Full length album release, Summer 07’ on Babygrande Records.

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