DJ Sarasa’s 2010 Halloween Costume Is More Hip Hop Than Yours…Again

DJ Sarasa - UBB Hip Hop Halloween Costume

Another DJ Sarasa Hip Hop Halloween Costume Classic

Japan’s DJ Sarasa proves once again that her Halloween costume was more Hip Hop than yours. Last year Sarasa made the Tribe Called Quest girl come to life, this year it’s the DJ Octopus from the Ultimate Breaks & Beats Volume 13 album. You can’t tell from the picture but that album cover back drop is strapped to her back like a backpack. Yes she carried that around all night while she DJ’d her Osaka gig. And, those are the latest Pioneer headphones – HDJ-500. Peep the video clip below to get the full effect.


DJ Sarasa Halloween 2010

DJ Sarasapus vs Fast Food

DJ Sarasa - UBB Hip Hop Halloween Costume

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