DJ JS-1 – “Like This” feat. Large Professor

DJ JS-1 Opens Up Latest Record With DJ Clinic


DOWNLOAD: DJ JS-1 – “Like This” feat. Large Professor

DJ JS-1’s latest record, No Sell Out: Ground Original 2, is a massive collection of DJ-centic hip hop that clocks in at over 79 minutes and features 40-plus artists. Right after a short intro, the album kicks off with the track “Like This” – a JS-1 collaboration with emcee Large Professor. Immediately JS-1 showcases his incredible DJ skills, musically speaking, as he begins mixing and matching beats and melodies with both vintage and modern vinyl. Later on JS begins showing off his physical DJ skills by scratching and spinning in his usual virtuoso manner. In fact, it’s such a JS-1 show that Large Pro spends the majority of his verses rhyming about how JS is killing it, “A real DJ, not a clown on instant replay / JS-1 cut up battle sounds and beat breaks.” Check out this track and the rest of No Sell Out: Ground Original 2, available everywhere via Fat Beats Records.

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