DJ JS-1 Featuring Tonedeff – Last To Know Video

DJ JS-1 Flexes His Dark Comedy Skills In The First Music Video Off Upcoming Album, No One Cares

Dropping the first music video from his soon-to-be released and highly anticipated album, No One Cares, DJ JS-1 continues to showcases his finely tuned production and scratching skills with “Last To Know.” At its core, this track has JS-1 venting deep frustrations about trying to discern what’s best for his career, considering there is always a plethora of figures who are ready to shell out advice: armchair A&R’s, well-meaning friends, and plenty of over-eager fans among them. Keeping things light, though, the music video for the track, is a humorous one, with JS-1 flexing his dark comedy skills alongside director Adam Buncher and the track’s feature artist, Tonedeff.

Shot in JS-1’s native Queens, NY, he and Tonedeff attend a costume party hoping to claim a first place cash prize, only to arrive and find themselves the only ones dressed up. After sheepishly returning home and enduring a depressing night, the duo return to the same residence at a later date only to find out that they are duped once again, this time forgetting their costumes just when they need them. A little good, old-fashioned gory revenge ensues as the video twists and turns to it’s close.

DJ JS-1’s No One Cares will be available for purchase on June 21st via Fat Beats Distribution.


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