Diamond District Unveil New Joint On Day Of Album Release

“Something For Y’all” Single Drops, In The Ruff Hits Shelves And Hard Drives

DOWNLOAD: Diamond District – Something For Y’all

The big day is finally here for fans of DMV triumvirate Diamond District. Their debut full-length album, In The Ruff, is out today via Mello Music Group. The album, which features two brand new tracks from the group as well as their hard to come by material from a limited release this spring, is available in stores and on iTunes. One of the just-released tracks is “Something For Y’all,” produced by Kev Brown. While District member Oddisee produces the vast majority of Diamond District’s songs himself, working with Brown hardly involved leaving the group’s comfort zone. “Working with Kev is honestly keeping it in-house – he founded the Low Budget Crew and gave birth to everything that I’m doing right now. We wanted that signature Kev Brown sound- grimy soul.”

“Something For Y’all” showcases emcees Oddisee, X.O. and yU trading verses, rapping to their audience, and trying to upstage each other. The track has a distinctively old school vibe. This old school spirit is one of the attributes that has made Diamond District’s debut so hotly anticipated. While you won’t find any Kangols in the vicinity of Diamond District (though Oddisee has been seen recently sporting a cardigan onstage), the track boasts a heaping serving of formative hip-hop flavor, and soul food. “Undefeated on my feet / when I’m dishing out defeat / like a plate of soul food with swine meat from Texas.”

Unlike many boastful choruses, Diamond District are absolutely right when they rap together “We got something for y’all / the hardcore / something people been waiting for such a long time… we’re down for the cause.” That cause- real hip-hop- has been awaiting torchbearers as deserving as Diamond District for quite a while.

Diamond District’s In The Ruff is available now on CD and digital download via Mello Music Group.

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