DeStorm – A Letter From Hip-Hop

DeStorm – A Letter From Hip-Hop

Dear MC,

so sorry to alarm ya but my last Resurrection was a message spoke thru Common/
plenty of you tried me out but see I had doubts
so I figured I would write you to tell you what I’m really about/
unity, cyphers, studio all nighters
and tracks that make you feel so good you throwing up your lighters/
I’m OK if you gaining a little fame in my name
but I have one question why you changed the game/
I’m not all about booties and babies with back but
then you blame the alcohol when crowds are screaming wack/
I was comfortable with Breakers B-Boys and Brooklyn/
Now I’m pimped for cash and ass, who let the crooks in?
guess what MC? I’ve seen the worst abuse me/
and all the 1 hit wonders who claimed my name so loosely/
they’re gone, I’m still around mainstream and underground/
killed my favorite users now they want my sound/
can you believe that shit? they even picked a coffin for me/
predicted my death but have a million stories/
now don’t forget to write back, keep it real, never stops/

sincerely yours,

I Am Hip-Hop

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