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DVD Anthology and CD with 7 new and unreleased tracks from Dilated Peoples

Celebrated director, Jason Goldwatch, captures Dilated Peoples’ epic journey through the music industry in all its glory and disappointments.

The Release Party feature film is ten years in the making. Witness first hand, the ups and downs of the music industry through the eyes of a band. How did the “anti-everything” left-of-center group end up on a major label? What got them there? And finally, what freed them from the major label system? Dilated Peoples spills their guts and takes it back to basics, once again breathing new life into Independent Hip-Hop.

The Release Party is the latest in a series of three-dimensional-media projects (3DM) on Decon. Inspired by both sight and sound the 3DM brand is a culmination of music and video created as one. In addition to the compelling documentary, seven new tracks are included in The Release Party package.

Dilated Peoples released four albums–2000s The Platform, 2001s Expansion Team, 2004s Neighborhood Watch and 2006s 20/20. All have been embraced by press, radio and tv alike.

Director Jason Goldwatch’s resume reads like a who’s who of hip hop: Linkin Park, Pharrell, Ludacris, Common, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Hieroglyphics, Eric Sermon, Aceyalone and Kool Keith among lots of others.

Available in 2 packagings: DVD jewel and CD jewel case.

1. The Release Party

2. Spit it Clearly feat. The Alchemist

3. Mr. Slow Flow Remix feat. PMD of EPMD

4. ETS Anthem

5. Olde English Remix feat. Defari

6. Hot & Cold Remix feat. Casual of Hieroglyphics

7. The Eyes Have It (OG Version)

Production by The Alchemist, DJ Babu, Evidence & Sid Roams

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