Declaime – Dad

Declaime Releases New Single From Album, Also Included On Fame EP


DOWNLOAD: Declaime – Dad

Having released his solo album, FONK, just over two weeks ago, Declaime is proud to give fans yet another single, “Dad.” Produced by Quazedelic, who also worked on the rest of his FONK album and whose past work includes collaborations with George Clinton and Snoop Dogg, “Dad” serves as the fourth and final single off his Fame EP. The track features a series of extraterrestrial distortions to compliment Declaime’s style, all, of course electronically generated. “It’s one verse in one take, no editing, so the vibration remains in full strength,” says Declaime. A synthesizer projects a bass drum beat and clap effect to keep time in addition to alien infused melodies. After a spaced out introduction, Declaime enters with, “Fonk in habit form / The calm after the storm / One life, one love, one God.” Inspired by the Big Dad, Declaime uses the song to send a message from above, “Play times over, now back to what the divine breath of life truly meant for us to do, and that is to… connect game!””

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