dead prez and The Outlawz join forces on Can’t Sell Dope Forever

dead prez and The Outlawz join forces on Can’t
Sell Dope Forever
Lead single “1Nation” urges hip-hop
nation to put aside turf battles and unite

(Brooklyn, NY July 11, 2006) Upstart New York label
Affluent Records is set to release an album featuring the summer’s mostly
unexpected collaboration: dead prez
and Tupac’s entourage The
Outlawz on July 25th. Can’t Sell
Dope Forever features performances
from M-1 and of dead prez and Kastro, Young Noble,
and E.D.I. of The Outlawz as well
as a guest spot by LayzieBone of Bone

The collaboration is the Outlawz and dead prez’s
demonstration of love for each other as Black men and commitment to an
awareness movement, exposing the effects of the dope game. Like most people in
urban communities, both groups share a history with the game, as its victims,
members and/or participants.

The track ” 1Nation” is a call to arms of a
different sort for the hip-hop community. The lyrics seek to expose the
turf-wars and hip-hop beef for what they really are: self-destructive and self-defeating.
“One nation… Ni**a you look just like me / What sense do it make
killin’ each other in main streets? / All these guns we got between us / We can
point em’ the right way and come the f#@k up/ Dope money and turf ain’t worth
your life”

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