DaCapo – Fro-Beat

Afro-HipHop Artist DaCapo Releases “Fro-Beat”!


DOWNLOAD: DaCapo – Fro-Beat


FAMOUS RECORDS will release DaCapo’s New Album “Where I’m From” at the end of May with the single “Fro-Beat” available through the Universal digital network as from May 10th.

“So what is ‘Fro-Beat’?” The answer is told by Emmanuel Edili aka DaCapo, one of Nigeria’s top rappers, musicians and producers who coined the term. “Fro-Beat is a unique blend of hip-hop mixed with the different rhythms of Afro-beats”, he explains. “ More than ever before we see the universal appeal of hip-hop, and ‘Fro-Beat’ delivers it from an African perspective. “

A native Nigerian, Edili spent his early childhood in Brooklyn, NY, where his passion for hip-hop developed. Upon his return to Nigeria, he continued to fine tune his skills. He would eventually become one of Nigeria’s top selling artists with over half million units sold in Africa alone. And in 2007 he was nominated for 2 Stella awards for his Gospel album “Simply DaCapo”, showcasing his ability to rap and play the piano both at the same time! If you enjoy listening to “Fro-Beat” you are going to LOVE DaCapo’s Album!

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