CunninLynguists – Dirty Acres

CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres

Artist: CunninLynguists
Album: Dirty Acres
Label: QN5
Rating: 3/5

“Hip-hop is immortal; it survives many attacks and many wars, using our minds’ eye as the portal, folding the spaces between generations and races, so that we can become closer through the struggle. It’s easy to move muscle, bone, skin, and sinew; moving of the mind is the type grind I’m into. So I kick the mental over sick instruments. . . . ”

Deacon The Villain, Natti and Kno are back again to give you another tongue-lashing (sorry I just couldn’t help myself). The trifecta of MCs known as Cunninlynguists are returning with their fourth studio EP, Dirty Acres, featuring Devin The Dude, Phonte (of Little Brother), Big Rube & Witchdoctor (of Dungeon Family) and Sheisty Khrist.

Despite their Southern roots, these ‘Lynguists don’t give off that home-cookin’ type of vibe; not even an Outkast realm of southern hip-hop. There is a much stronger emphasis on the musicality of hip-hop in their music, and less dependence on straight sampled beats.

Executive Produced by Kno, this is one of the most musically diverse hip-hop albums that I’ve ever heard, allowing for this preacher’s son, caucasian guy, and a convicted felon to demonstrate the diversity of lyrical skills over various beats. Tracks range from Californian-hyphy style (without the gangbanging theme) to string and synthesized percussive-led, easy listening rap are to be expected. Although the slow tempo of the album nearly puts me to sleep, I am still satisfied by the result.

Since I listened to the pre-release, I can’t delve too much into which tracks were my favorites, however, I can promise you that this album is worth owning.

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