CNN Covers Crazy Legs’ Retirement from Battling

Crazy Legs - cnn

B-boy pioneer and Rock Steady Crew president, Crazy Legs, recently danced his last battle during the crew’s 35th anniversary celebration. Legs’ influence permeates the whole B-boy culture. He is a true representation of Hip Hop. B-boying may not get the same mainstream shine as Emceeing or DJing but you know you’ve made a significant impact when CNN covers your retirement battle. Respect to CNN for that.

Any true culture has several foundations. Music is one, language is another, and a traditional dance is always included. Crazy Legs has been the leading image and in many ways Hip Hop’s ambassador in that regard. That’s not just figuratively but literally as showcased in the film Bouncing Cats. I remember several years ago, when MySpace was the place to be, I had an exchange with Legs about a long bulletin he posted regarding his feelings on a previous nights battle. He recounted how nervous he felt going into the challenge because he was facing younger opponents. After talking with them, they told him they were nervous going against him. Hearing that surprised him. That surprised me. I’m sure he doesn’t remember but I messaged him that of course they would be nervous because of who he is. When you think of B-boying, break dancing, or Hip Hop period, Crazy Legs comes to mind. In Hip Hop, for a B-boy or B-girl he’s the equivalent of a Rakim to an emcee or a DJ Premier to a producer. He’s a pioneer with decades of experience. Who wouldn’t be intimidated? He responded that he had been thinking they basically would just see an almost 40-year-old man standing across from them. Perception can be an interesting thing.

Rock Steady has been, and is, that crew. It’s good to hear, from the CNN interview, that they take a serious interest in insisting on the academic excellence of their younger members. That must be applauded and respected. If only the rest of the culture followed suit.

Peace to Crazy Legs and the whole Rock Steady Crew.

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