Chuck D ft. Mavis Staples – Give We The Pride

Chuck D continues to be the example to follow for a culture and community that needs guidance. Along with Public Enemy, Chuck D has always tried to steer people away from believing the hype. Even in today’s climate where the youth don’t seem to be listening, Chuck D doesn’t stop trying to open eyes and ears. He doesn’t have to do it for props, his legacy was cemented long ago. A leader leads because there is somewhere that needs to be reached. In his latest release, “Give We the Pride”, Chuck collabs with iconic R&B and gospel singer Mavis Staples. The song seems to be another move in Chuck D’s “Get Right or Be Gone” campaign against radio and culture vultures demeaning the culture of Hip Hop and misleading the youth.

Chuck raps “our young world stars don’t know who they are” and “y’all know better than that. You know why? Because y’all better than that./give ’em hope, give ’em love, give them pride, instead of turning raps into little ‘ol traps./ Not some character, know what I mean? Get some character, human beings.” Chuck says what needs to be said.

“Give We the Pride” is just as much about the message as it is about paying respect to those that came before. For example, Chuck tweeted about the song rights.

This is how you know it’s about the art and the message. Chuck D walks the walk. We still have leaders in the community, we just have to pay attention to the example they are setting.

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