Cassidy Vs Dizaster Full Battle

Dizaster vs. Cassidy was the battle many waited for. Unfortunately the main event was plagued with an unruly crowd/entourage and technical difficulties. The stream not only had issues but the lights of the venue was shut off during the battle. From what we did hear, Cassidy, while still as polished as ever minus a quick memory lapse, had generic punchlines and with the obligatory boasting that could have been directed at pretty much anyone. Dizaster fared a bit better with some personal attacks but had several lines that fell flat prompting boo’s from some in the audience; perhaps Cassidy’s people. The people who paid for the PPV event got a portion of the promised showdown at that time.

The full battle was carried out later at a different location with better results. While Cassidy still seemed to spit one size fits all lines, Dizaster got really disrespectful. Some with disappointed with the showing of both battlers even then however this time things went a lot smoother. Watch the original above and the rematch below. One thing is for sure, both had rhymes for days. Respect to both regardless.

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