C-Rayz Walz Teams Up With Kosha Dillz To Release The First Collaboration Record Of Its Kind

May 29, 2008

Modular Moods recording artists break the mold with a record that explores the art of freestyle versus written rhymes

New York, NY, May 20, 2008 – CMJ wrote, "It’s not quite an indie hip-hop Postal Service, nor is it necessarily "Ebony And Ivory," but the new collaborative LP from Jewish MC Kosha Dillz and beloved backpack favorite C-Rayz Walz is both a statement of cultural solidarity and creative open-mindedness. "Freestyle Vs. Written" finds Dillz, a yeshiva-trained wordsmith, trading well-crafted verses about his faith and his homeland of Israel with freestyle responses from Walz that were inspired by Dillz’ lines. And the whole thing was laid down in less than 24 hours, which was, by Dillz’ own admission, as much a matter of necessity as studio synergy."

It’s an album that breaks borders and pushes boundaries. Songs like "I Love Jews" and "Ariel Sharon" are packed with classic hip rock samples and party moving sounds. Boasting collaborations with Murs, Matisyahu and MF Doom between them, and gracing the covers of magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Source Magazine and spots on MTV, the two artists are ready to take the world by storm.

As one of the original members of the infamous rap crew Stronghold, C-Rayz Walz has been a fixture in the New York hip-hop scene for years. He hosts tons of hip-hop shows and events, and has more charisma and energy than most rappers can dream of. But that doesn’t mean he’s not serious: he’s battled and beaten the top battle emcees in the world (including freestyle legend Supernatural), dropped singles that consistently make noise on the Billboard charts, has had a video in rotation on BET and was hand picked by Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan to open for him on his last tour. Walz has recorded songs with everyone from El-P, M-1 of Dead Prez, Jean Grae, Aesop Rock, and Insane Clown Posse. But it is ‘Freestyle vs. Written’ that sets him apart as a one of a kind emcee, flaunting his freestyle technique to the fullest.

Kosha Dillz is an upcoming Israeli American hip hop artist that has put the Zionist swagger back in being Jewish. A flashy pinky ring style and gold-star dress code using crowd moving beats and profound lyrics in Hebrew, English and Spanish to shift a person’s homeostasis, this unorthodox boom bap-ist’s knowledge of emceeing brings the pride back that you might have once lost. URB Magazine wrote that Kosha "presents a rarely seen culture clash in music. He voices his political opinions on foreign affairs and oppression with fresh rhymes. This makes him a universal voice.." Appearing live with everyone from Pigeon John and the Pharcyde to Jurassic 5 and Killah Priest, he has crossover appeal to the hardest of the street at underground rap shows, to the softest of hands at an easy listening rock show. Hard work has earned him a rite of passage like no other, emcee to perform and record with Grammy nominee Matisyahu and land himslef on BET’s 106th and Park.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Modular Moods (and its sister company Shemspeed) is the perfect home for artists such as C-Rayz Walz and Kosha Dillz. The label is globally conscious, working with some of the most talked-about Jewish and Muslim acts in the world. Other acts on its roster include Y-Love, Diwon, Smadar, Balagan and Yuri Lane. The company’s (and, indeed, C-Rayz’ and Kosha’s) M.O. is promoting racial tolerance through music.

This soon-to-be-classic record was produced entirely by, 19-year-old Kentron Da Mastadon, who challanges the hip hop mold, armed with an MP of psychedelic rock riffs and jazz chops weaving the perfect backdrop for this Jerusalem Zionist-meets-Black Bronx ghetto aesthetic.

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