Business as Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop (TRAILER)

YouTube Description reads:

“Business as Usual” the full length documentary that asks the question: Has Hip-Hop been exploited for economic gain, to the detriment of the masses of urban youth who embrace it? Who’s really making the money, controlling the systems and influencing the youth? Discover the roots of Hip Hop culture as we trace its origins in urban America, and its influence felt worldwide. From Hip Hop’s power, influence, and artistry to the culture’s unparalleled effect on movies, television, fashion, advertising, sports and business; witness the journey as we uncover the meaning behind the lyrics, racy videos, materialism and sexism. “Business as Usual”, narrated by Mekhi Phifer (ER, Soul Food), is currently in production and some of the biggest names in Hip Hop like Kanye West, KRS-One, DMC, Dead Prez, Lil Scrappy, Talib Kweli, MC Lyte, Dr. Cornel West, MTV’s Sway and spoken word artist Malik Yusef have already been interviewed. In addition to other artists, “Business as Usual” will also include interviews from academia, businesses, politicians, record labels, and media outlets. Is Hip Hop the problem or the solution? Or is it “Business as Usual”?


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