Boot Camp Clik European Tour


The Boot Camp Clik are heading overseas for a European Tour. The Clik will be
performing in 17 Cities and 10 Different Countries:

  • April 19th: Lille, France. Venue: AERONEF
  • April 20th: Lyon, France. Venue: NINKASI KAO
  • April 21st: Brussels, Belgium. Venue: VK (VAART KAPOEN)
  • April 22nd: Bordeaux, France. Venue: C.A.T.
  • April 24th: Utrecht, Holland. Venue: TIVOLI/DE HELLING
  • April 25th: Nantes, France. Venue: LE LIEU UNIQUE
  • April 26th: Paris, France. Venue: TRABENDO
  • April 27th: London, England. Venue: FABRIC
  • April 29th: Copenhagen, Denmark. Venue: STORE VEGA
  • April 30th: Bergen, Norway. Venue: BERGEN FEST
  • May 1st: Munich, Germany. Venue: ATOMIC CAFE
  • May 2nd: Prague, Czech. Venue: TBA
  • May 3rd: Duisberg, Germany. Venue: HUNDERTMEISTER
  • May 4th: Sofia, Bulgaria. Venue: HRISTO BOTEV
  • May 5th: Weinfelden, Switzerland. Venue: LA LUNA CLUB
  • May 6th: Biel, Switzerland. Venue: DOORS 72
  • May 7th: Geneva, Switzerland. Venue: USINE

***Please note
that the May 5th to May 7th dates are only Smif N Wessun shows.

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