Bizzy Bone Makes Professional Strides, On Record And On The Web

September 28th, 2005 Bizzy Bone (former front man of Bone, Thugs ‘N Harmony) released his eagerly anticipated album Speaking in Tongues on Tuesday, September 27. The release is the first from the newly formed 845 Entertainment group and has staked its claim on the iPod playlists of hip hip aficionados everywhere.

Introspective, thought provoking and always entertaining, Speaking in Tongues marks growth as an artist and the next step in the career of an artist responsible for such hits as “Crossroads” and “First of the Month.” The release comes a day after the premier of Bizzy’s reality-based show that streams exclusively on in a series of weekly webisodes, another move that shows exceptional confidence as an artist and public figure.

“I don’t know what people are going to think. I don’t really be concerned with it,” Bizzy told “We just doing what we do, doing the best that we can do.”

“It’s people getting to know Bizzy, in the studio, recording the album and other things. People are going to get an in depth look [at him] and get a different side of him – not what the press perceives him as,” said Jarred Weisfeld, who signed Bizzy to his 845 Entertainment.

Much like Speaking in Tongues, the show displays several ranges of Bizzy, from candid to humorous to troubling. But, Bizzy said that he’s going to let the footage speak for itself and hope that it translates into sales and increased visibility. “I’m just going with the flow,” Bizzy told “We did some footage. It’s just to add to the marketing and promoting of the album. I think it’s going to really do good for the project.”

The Cleveland-reared lyricist stated that his album would live up to expectations and a testament to the trials he has been through in his life. “I ain’t never been on no dumb s**t. This is real serious, you know, Speaking in Tongues is spiritual. Ain’t nobody here to play no f**kin’ games,” Bizzy said. “We serious as a heart attack.”

Get your defibrillators ready.

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