Big Tuck Puts Big D On His Back

Big Tuck Ready To Represent Dallas

The Absolute Truth In Stores October 24th

September 26, 2006

The state of Texas has become a hip-hop oasis,
producing huge album sales and turning local
celebrities into household names. Dallas, however, is
one city in the south that has yet to been tapped.
Things are about to change as Big Tuck is poised to
put Dallas a.k.a. Big “D” on the map in a major
way. “Everybody ain’t hip to Dallas; they listen to
Atlanta and Houston and skip over Dallas. Atlanta
got that crunk music, H-Town got that slowed up
laid back music, where Dallas got that club
everybody on the dance floor music. We make
people wanna go to the club and wanna fight, we’re
that in your face hip-hop,” says Big Tuck.

Big Tuck is so committed to his city and state that
he only collaborated with artists from those areas on
his major label debut, The Absolute Truth. This
includes his singles, “I Know You Want That”
featuring Chamillonaire as well as the fiery
track “Tussle” which features Slim Thug on the
remixed version. “The spotlight is on Texas and I
plan to keep it that way. I didn’t want to go out my
region and do a track with 50 cent or T.I., because I
don’t want anybody buying an album for T.I. or 50
cent. If they buy the album it’s on the strength of
Texas” says Big Tuck about the all-star Texas cast.

The album also enlists the help of veteran Texas
rappers, Bun B, Paul Wall and Dallas native Erykah
Badu. With production from in-house counterparts T-
Town and appearances from Big Tucks Dirty South
Rydaz clique, The Absolute Truth is a true testament
to the sound of Texas. “I make sure that every song
on the album is a single making anthem and continue
being me. I’m new but I’ve been on the scene for a
while now.” adds Big Tuck.

While it may seem that Big Tuck appeared to burst
on to the scene out of no where, this is hardly the
case. Tuck first scored success while a member of
the underground Dallas group Dirty South Rydaz,
releasing over 32 mixtapes and moving over 100,000
units independently in the South. Steady on the
grind, in 2004 he dropped his solo project Purple Hulk
with T-Town Music that also did well enough to
catch the eyes and ears of Universal Republic
Records, prompting them to sign Tuck and T-Town to
a record deal in 2005. “Everyone came to us with a
deal Sony, Warner Brothers, Asylum, everybody. We
went with Universal because of how the contract
was structured. It really wasn’t the money because if
you do the math, DSR was moving three hundred to
four hundred thousand units anyway” states Tuck.
Big Tuck’s debutThe Absolute Truth is scheduled for
an October 24th release.

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