Ben Oakes ft. Bobby Dub – Evolution Video

From the intro it felt like I was going to be in for some acoustic drums and ripping guitars. The further the opening seconds of the video went on I started to wonder if this submission was sent to the wrong site. However when Ben Oakes starts to spit it’s obvious they got it right. Positive uplifting Hip Hop messages always have a home here. “Evolution” is a voice from the youth, a statement to those who underestimate them and their potential. It seems to be a message to the elder generations and the status quo, represented by a low shot of the evil empire News Corp. Bobby Dub’s vocals come in strong and definitely deliver the hook well. Aside from a couple flow mishaps, Oakes and Dub bring a good joint with a good message. Chris Seerveld direction on the video fits well with the atmosphere of the song.

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