OneTwoOneTwo’s Tanya chopped it up with the Beatminers about what’s going on with them and a quick reaction to Rrrrreagaton!

What programs or techincal items are you currently using?
Beatminers: SP 1200 for the Drums, MPC 2000, 3000, we record everything into pro-tools
Keyboards we use Juno 106
What artists have surprised you lateley?
Beatminers – No body, nothing has really gotten me excited lately. – ED…   Not to getinto Old School politics but, nothing is really making a statement, in particular – well, jean grae’s album got me pretty excited. – MW
What is going to set this Album apart from all the others this year?
Beatminers: The drums, and it is very Bass Heavy – The game is missing something and we hope to bring it out.
Was there any artist in particular that you found were easier or more challanging to work with?
Beatminers: Everyone was pretty easy to work with.  KRS 1 – we sent it to him and he sent it right back.
Dialated was an old cut that we remixed and Jean Grae sent her’s in.  Everyone else came to our in-house studio.
Does working at home change the comfort level of your work setting?
Beatminers: There are pros and cons to working at home – The pros are you work at your own pace and the con is you work at your own pace.  ED – Sometimes I’ll say I’ll be there and buy a pair of snakers and he’ll call me and say you gotta come on… So I gotta get going… ED
What instruments do you play:
Beatminers: W: Keyboard D – Drums we played all our own instruments on this album.  Guitar, Bass, and percussion…
How do feel performing in Japan differs from here in the States…
Beatminers:  If you ever doubt yourself as an artist, go to Japan.  They have such a deep love and respect for Hip-Hop.  It’s really incredible.
What are places do you like to travel to and perform?
Beatminers: AMSTERDAM! The Hip-Hop community there welcomes you so appreciatively.
How did you select the Artists for this project…
Beatminers:  ED – Walt put names in a hat.  (laughing) They are all our friends…  We wanted everyone but Terrell Rockwell (laughing) that’s Mr. Walt’s son.
O:Do you feel the internet itself is helping or hurting hip–hop?
Beatminers: Helping.  ED – Listen, for example, nobody would have known about Bambada playing in the park unless someone went there and recorded a tape.  They had to copy that tape and you had to get it and copy it yourself and pass it on.  I was in Brooklyn selling mixtapes, how did they get over seas to Japan?  Bootlegging. 
W: Think about it, how is it any different then the radio playing a song? 
ED – Blackmoon may not sell as many copies of an album but when we perform at places like SOB’s (Sons of Brazille) or tour the shows always sell out. We sold out at SOB’s in less then 30 mins.  That’s because of Internet, and Mix tapes.Where
“Which ever way you gotta get the music, you gotta get your music”
Where do you see Hip=-Hop going in the future?
Beatminers: Hip-Hop is here to stay, our grandkids’ grandkids will be rhyming.  Rock and roll is here as a presence, so is Hip-Hop…
Well, then what do you think of the hybrid Reggaton?
Beatminers: ED – not a fan. W – Blah….  But it is Hip-Hop, a transition…  Still not a fan, but there are other styles of Hip-Hop that we’re not fans of but, will continue to support Independent HipHop and music in general.
Thank You for your time, I hope to hear more from you in the future..
Beatminers: Thank You, no doubt, you will, thank you…

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