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DOWNLOAD: BB & – We’ve Got A Pulse!

Hip Hop breathes.  The BB Presents We’ve Got a Pulse! project hit the blogs and torrents this past weekend.  Featured on this compilation are Illmaculate, Crooked I, Royce da 5’9, Evidence, and the new Pizon track “Change Your Mind.”  The song represents a return to the days of straight spitting on beats.

01. Intro (prod. DJ Smochi)
02. Mr. Miranda ft. DJ Madd Rich – Key To Success (prod. Hexsagon)
03. J. Ansah – Different (prod. Black Light Music)
04. June Haze – All I Have (prod. Frantik)
05. Illmaculate – Oh-Luv (prod. G-Force)
06. D. Julien ft. Lavonte Franklyn – Hot Like Fire (prod. D. Mile)
07. J. Capri ft. King Mez – Place In The Game (prod Majestic)
08. Sir Aah ft. Crooked I & Royce da 5’9″ – I Wonder If The Lord Knows (New Version) (prod. Ali Boy)
09. Ea$y Money – Rain (prod. MGI)
10. J. Good – Keep My Balance (prod. Hannibal King)
11. Kaiji (In Stereo) ft. Dee Jackson of the 80’s Babies & Savant – No Time (prod. DR+)
12. Boaz – Do It For Ya (prod. !llmind)
13. Luck-One – Sounds Of My City (prod. Chi Duly)
14. K. Sparks ft. Laetitia Dana – Rain (New Version) (prod. Kurser)
15. Moruf – Cannon (prod. …)
16. Junclassic – In The Back (prod. Junclassic)
17. Harn SOLO – Catch A Fire (prod. Allrounda)
18. Jermiside – That Money (prod. The Jake)
19. The Big 3 (J.Ansah, Nine Millz & Shane Carter) – This Music (prod. WHP)
20. Pizon – Change Your Mind (prod. Zebrahead)
21. Trailblaza – Focus (prod. Louis G & Childz)
22. Rockstar Jones – Bombs (prod. V(eye)bes)
23. One Dae ft. Evidence – Play By Play (prod. JBL The Titan)
24. June Haze – Alive (prod. True Tracks)

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