BassKingz feat. Thrill Da Playa, JT Money, & Mr. Kraze 813 – Still Standing



Thrill Da Playa (69 Boyz) has stayed on his quest to prove that Bass Ain’t Dead with several efforts featuring the kings of that Southern Bass style of the 90’s that had the party jumping and the woofers breaking. That message comes across loud and clear with this BassKingz coalition of Thrill, JT Money (Who Dat?), and Mr. Kraze 813 (the original I Hate My Baby Mama) on “Still Standing”. Mike MG Producer Colson and The BassHeadz are behind the boom and the homage to the Elton John classic from which the hook is derived. The artists speak on still surviving in the game after all these years, dealing with the changes, and even tosses some shout outs to other heavyweights of the 808.

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