A Prayer 4 Hip Hop Concert Series Takes a Stand

A Prayer 4 Hip Hop Concert Series Takes a Stand



New York, NY – “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop”, a Gospel Rap concert in the making for two years, is poised to address the issues facing the Hip Hop generation today. “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop” is being produced by Life Media along with its national media partners VIBE Magazine and GospelCity.Com. In addition the concert series has teamed up with the National Minority Quality Forum and its Test For Life campaign created to educate minorities on the importance of being tested for HIV.

The concert tour will begin at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 17th at the Copacabana 560 W 34th St., Manhattan and will include performances from Corey Red, Precise, J.A.Z., Shabach, Zion, Gospel R&B artist Deitrick Haddon and a host of others.  The tour will continue throughout the summer in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, Baltimore and Detroit. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at www.prayerforhiphop.com or by calling the Copacabana at (212) 239-2672.   Also see myspace.com/aprayer4hiphop.


In the wake of former WFAN radio and MSNBC talk-show host Don Imus’ derogatory and racially charged comments, many have wondered why Hip Hop artists, radio stations and record labels have not been scrutinized and castigated as Imus has been. Although many may agree with the decision to terminate Imus’ talk-show, there is a growing outrage against the Hip Hop industry for promoting lyrics that are heavily laced with disrespectful, misogynistic and degrading comments about women.  


For years there has been a call to action for more music with a positive message; an alternative. “A Prayer 4 Hip Hop” is that alternative. 


“At VIBE we are seeking ways to positively impact the communities we serve. This event will have a positive impact on our young people through the message being conveyed by the artists and through the initiative to educate our community about the importance of HIV testing” says Leonard E. Burnett, Jr., Vice President and Group Publisher of VIBE.


Joining the tour is Test For Life, providing free HIV/AIDS testing on site for audience members. “HIV is spreading in our community at an unprecedented rate. We need to educate people about the importance of getting tested and prevent the spread of this disease.   I applaud these young artists for being a part of this very important initiative,” says Gary Puckerin, Chairman of the National Minority Quality Forum.


Although Hip Hop music is pervasive across the airwaves, Gospel Rap receives little to no radio airplay. Despite the lack of mainstream attention, this powerful and life transforming art form has a large and loyal underground following. 


“It is important for us to show the world that the Hip Hop culture is vast and that there are many artists that love Hip Hop and are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of their audience,” says Gospel Rapper J.A.Z. He grew up in Harlem, among the same streets of many of today’s well-known rappers. Fortunately, J.A.Z. was able to find a way out of the turmoil through his relationship with God. J.A.Z., like most mainstream rappers, writes about his real life experiences, only in J.A.Z.’s case the ending is different.  The choices he makes in his life greatly influence his audience who are struggling with the same crossroads that he faces.  “It comes down to what you decide is cool and what you think is corny.  I think that guns, sex and drugs are corny and that being a righteous person is cool.”


To attend and/or cover this event or to interview the artists, producers, and partners, please contact Rhonda Ridley at 718-432-6412 or Rhonda@affinity-pr.com.  For more information about “Prayer 4 Hip-Hop” or to purchase tickets please visit: www.prayerforhiphop.com or myspace.com/aprayer4hiphop.




Life Media is a Christian content company that produces music, television programming and films.  The Company was founded at New York Covenant Church.  Life Media offers positive Christian messages to this country’s youth market as an alternative to mainstream entertainment choices.



VIBE Media Group is a leading music/lifestyle media company that publishes the award winning VIBE Magazine, the preeminent brand in urban and music culture, which was founded by Quincy Jones in 1993. Additional VIBE Media Group properties include VIBE Vixen Magazine, which was launched in 2005 and reaches over 4.5 million women; VIBE.com, a web site that draws 1.6 million unique visitors a month, Comcast VIBE Video-on-demand channel; the VIBE Awards, and the wireless content service Vibe.



The National Minority Health Month Foundation was founded in 1998 to strengthen national and local efforts to eliminate the disproportionate number of premature death and preventable illness in racial and ethnic minorities through the use of evidence based, data driven initiatives.

TEST FOR LIFE sponsors town hall events designed to be strategic educational forums for state health officials state HIV/AIDS directors elected representatives, AIDS organizations, community activities and faith based groups. Each Town Hall will provide these groups the opportunity to meet together for an in-depth discussion on the need to increase the prevention of HIV/AIDS through routine testing.



Recognized as the leading Web destination for Urban/Gospel Christian music fans, GospelCity.com is the premiere online home for Gospel music. Featuring the latest gospel news, reviews, features, insights and contests, GospelCity.com connects you to the Gospel industry’s latest trends and influential ministries. GospelCity.com has become a platinum provider for all to access Christian music and entertainment with more than 24.5 million hits per month.

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