9th Wonder & Young Guru Debate Kendrick’s “Control” Verse

Hip Hop is very competitive and moments like this can elevate the quality. The consensus here is for these new shiny cats to get their bars up, period point blank. So far though, not a single one of the rappers that were name checked has offered up any rebuttal. The current crop of buzz havers and hot new single droppers have been quiet. Are the skills there? Did Kendrick Lamar just expose the weakness of the new generation that are in the public eye to the public?

Where is Big Sean’s lyrical response? This is your record and nobody is talking about you. Surely that has to open your rhymebook. What about Jay Electronica, the man that receives more hype than he has produced product. He had to follow Lamar’s aggression and as also one of the targets. Where’s the clarification of “yes indeed I can rap”?

The question here isn’t can you sell a record. William Hung pushed over 200,000 records, Vanilla Ice sold millions. Machines can move a fair number of units. The question here is, “Can you rap?” Can. You. Rap? This is Hip Hop and you are supposed to be a rapper. Can you actually do the craft that you claim to do with a high level of ability and skill? Where are the bars?

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