8Ball & MJG go directly to the web with 4 video movie Ride Out shot exclusively for the web

8Ball & MJG  go directly to the Web with 4  video  movie “Ride Out”  shot  exclusively for  the  web!!

Check out ALLHIPHOP.com,SOHH.com, HIPHOPDX.com, HIPHOPGAME.com and MP3.com for  premieres!

Ten albums into their career 8Ball & MJG released “Ridin High” in March to rave reviews. In support of the project, 8Ball & MJG are releasing 4 videos straight to the web. The duo understand that their fans are going to the net for true hip hop content and web exclusives are a way to show their fans the true, raw and uncensored 8Ball & MJG.

The 20 minute mini movie “Ride Out” features 4 videos from 4 tracks from “Ridin High” and tells a story when all 4 videos are shown in sequential order. The first, “Hickory Dickory Dock,” finds the duo at a strip club. In the second, “Get Low,” the club is robbed. The 3rd video, “Take It Off,” is what takes place after they escape and make it back to their hotel room. “Stand Up,” the final sequence features a cameo by Bobby Valentino and David Banner and is quickly becoming a dirty South anthem.

“Hickory Dickory Dock” will premiere on SOHH.com on Monday, May 7th

“Get Low” will premiere on ALLHIPHOP.com on Monday, May 7th

“Take It Off” will premiere on HIPHOPDX.com on Wednesday, May 9th

“Stand Up” will premiere on HIPHOPGAME.com on Wednesday, May 9th

“Ride Out” the full 20 minute movie, will premiere on MP3.com on Friday, May 11th

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